A Resolution You Can Live By

We all know that a new year calls for a new you – the better, more productive, less wasteful, more wonderful you. Creating a list of resolutions – short- and long-term goals meant to goad you into being that better version of yourself – gets you off to a good start every January first. But what comes next…?

In her list of resolutions for 2012, Sheryl Smolkin of Moneyville.ca describes the 10 ways she plans to combat everything from lack of productivity to overspending. And resolution number one is to “Pay less for telephone and cell services”.

Makes sense to us – after all, it’s hard to see (but easy to realize after the fact) how much we all can spend on telecom services. That’s why Brightroam strives to save our customers time and money when they travel. Our SIM cards and international cell phone packages are easy to order, even easier to use, and you’ll only pay for what time you use.

So, what’s the secret to saving money when it comes to talking, texting and surfing the ‘net while you travel? Just a little pre-planning, done by ordering the Brightroam product that best suits your needs. The rest of the trip is up to you to enjoy. Shouldn’t travel be about enjoying yourself?

Tell us – what are your resolutions for 2012?

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