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While I love to have readers visit my blog, truth is, there are hundreds of excellent travel bloggers. There are two travel blogging websites that I really enjoy: Travelpod and IgoUgo

Travelpod is great simply because it’s the biggest. Journalists and newscasters rant and rave about it, ten of thousands of people post each week and pretty much the entire globe has been covered.

IgoUgo has stood the test of time. This website has been going strong since 2000. What I have always liked about IgoUgo is that it treats the blog entries like recommendations where users are required to think about their trips in stages of events and venues. For example, I stayed at XX Hotel and visited XX museum and ate at XX restaurant and here are the details on each place. While it leaves slightly less room for creativity and story telling around travel, it is a valuable resource for travelers seeking honest advice.

Some other good travel blogging sites include:

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  1. Louise Brown says:

    Thanks for the glowing review of TravelPod! We’re doing our best to get the entire globe covered. Right now, you’ll just have to settle with blogs from 242 countries. (Some of which might be imagined countries, and some of which have changed since they wrote them, which explains the high number!)
    Louise Brown
    TravelPod Community Manager

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