Multiple stop-over tickets

Are you ready to travel all over the globe? The Airtrek travel booking service offers multiple stop-over airline tickets. If you plan to cross the globe and stop in several cities and/or continents, you now have more than just an affordable way to call home – you can save money on flights too.

There are many airlines offering discounted rates at any given time but you always pay too much if you need to travel to more than one city. Airtreks is the leading provider of multi-stop international air travel. Their website is fun and easy to use.

First off, visit the Guide to Planning for useful links on budgeting, packing, passports, tickets, safety and more.

Then, use the Trip Planner to select your track. You can choose your destinations with a world map or by a list of city names.

When you view your route a price estimate will display along with alternate options “More for your money” or “Special value”. These options add or eliminate cities to show you the most affordable options on your chosen route.

Airtrek is excellent for the traveler who needs to span the globe but also for the wanderer that is curious how much it would cost to see the world’s 25 most beautiful cities. Be inspired, check out the Current Airtreks Specials and see where your imagination will take you.

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