Vacation Reads

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There’s no better time to crack open a book than on vacation – no distractions, just you and the written page. Here’s Brightroam’s guide to some great vacation reads.

The Great Gatsby

This classic story of class war, love and madness is currently getting the Hollywood treatment again, this time with Leonardo DiCaprio slated as the story’s devilish anti-hero. So why not indulge in this time-tested novel and be ready for the inevitable debate of “What was better – the movie or the book?” We’re sure it’s F. Scott Fitzgerald’s incarnation, with its lush description of ’20s era New York, but it will be amazing to see what director Baz Lurhmann adds to the already gripping tale.

The Book of Awesome

Written by Neil Pasricha, it’s a compendium of happiness and an off-shoot of Pasricha’s blog, 1000 Awesome Things. This uplifting read will brighten any vacation (as if they aren’t bright enough!) with the affirmation that life, and all its messy, unexpected turns, is indeed amazing. From free refills to flossing, his accounts of the little things and why they rock are sure to bring a smile to your face!

A Stolen Life: A Memoir

The story that captivated America, Jaycee Duggard recounts her days as a kidnapping prisoner – and her miraculous escape – in this new bestseller. An incredible true story of will and courage, Duggard’s message of being a survivor (rather than a victim) will warm your heart.

When God Was A Rabbit

A quirky novel from new writer Sarah Winman, it’s an every day tale of the extraordinary lives of a brother and sister. Sure to make you realize how rich life can be, even during the tough times, the span of the novel (four decades) is captivating and clever.

How To Win Friends And Influence People

A vacation can be a great excuse to pick up a book you’ve been meaning to read for some time. This classic “self-help” read by Dale Carnegie is still as popular now as it was when it was published over 75 years ago, and the advice still rings as true. Find a little empowerment and return from your relaxing getaway with a new outlook on life!

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