5 Travel Must Haves

Packing is always the hardest thing to do – so much to organize in (usually) so little time. Some simple pre-planning and a handy list of must haves will save you valuable time, money and trouble!

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Here are five items you should always have with you for long journeys abroad, or quick weekend getaways.

1) Laundry Packets

Lighten your load for travel and bring along some travel packs of detergent to launder a few items on your trip. Laundry services aren’t available at every hotel/hostel you’ll stay in, so save yourself the hassle of locating a nearby laundromat and do it yourself in your bathroom sink!

2) Water Shoes

Be prepared for all types of water play with protective, lightweight shoes – they’re easily found at department/leisure sports stores everywhere.

3) Money Belt

Carry everything you need safely with a money belt. Leave your cash & passport in a hotel safe, and only take what you need for trips around town.

4) Insect Repellent Wipes

Avoid bug bites with easy-to-travel-with wipes.

5) World SIM Card

Stay connected to family and friends while you’re away (and have a clear mind when it comes to roaming charges) with a Brightroam SIM card.