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The Experiment: Accessing Internet in Bermuda

Royal Naval Dockyard

You can even access Wifi from the tip of Bermuda!

While I personally opted to not use ANY data while on my trip, I was definitely tempted to think of ways to access it. I’m used to free WiFi being available in Canada, but that’s not the case in Bermuda.

What is interesting though, is that since the Island itself is a mere 20 square miles, which means the whole Island itself is a hotspot. You can access WiFi essentially anywhere on the Island, provided you pay the price of the plan of course.

The one good thing about being data-deprived is that I was constantly paying attention to the data/WiFi offerings around the Island. As tourists crowded the areas, it was easy to spot out the WiFi locations with good offerings (people literally sat on the grass with their laptops to access the WiFi and stayed for long hours at a time – no picture available for this unfortunately, but it was a sight to behold). If you happen to be that person who has a lot of work to accomplish while on “vacation” then you’re probably going to be scouting out these WiFi places yourself.

Although Brightroam offers amazing deals on data plans with Mi-Fi devices, these services aren’t offered in Bermuda just yet! For those who aren’t familiar with Mi-Fi devices, they are essentially portable routers that you can slip your SIM card into to access Data services. Since your SIM card is inserted, all the data charges are essentially to your phone plan. You might be wondering, why use these at all when you can use access your phone’s data services and create a hotspot? The difference is in capability. Mi-Fi devices have the capacity to connect multiple devices without crashing and provide a secure stream for your usage. Additionally, since they are portable routers after all, you can bet that your internet speed will be slightly higher than using your mobile hotspot.

That being said, purchasing a Mi-Fi device will still prove to be extremely useful for the average working adult while on vacation. Brightroam does offer these devices, so you check them out on our site. As for the data plan that comes along, since we don’t offer a Caribbean package, I’d suggest purchasing a local plan from one of the two retailers “CELLONE” or “DIGICEL.” As previously mentioned, both CellOne and Digicel offer basically the same rates, the difference is in your usage. Both offer packages for pre-paid use whether you want to focus on a voice plan or data plan is up to you.

If you’re staying in the more metropolitan areas such as Royal Naval Dockyard, Hamilton or St. George, you may not need to purchase a plan from CellOne or Digicel at all. The reason is that most restaurants and cafes do offer Free WiFi – with the catch of a prior purchase of course. Some of these eateries simply demand a small purchase while others demand a minimum of $10. Regardless, utilizing these eateries is a way better plan for accessing Internet then purchasing a costly plan. It was the norm seeing people camped out on tables with their laptops, whether it was a cafe or even at a local beach park.

Horseshoe Bay

On a sidenote, if this is what a Bermuda beach looks like during a rain storm, imagine how beautiful this place would be in the sun!

If you’re planning on staying connected 24/7 while in Bermuda though, then it may be more efficient to purchase a Mi-Fi device and plan. This is because you obviously can’t access WiFi very easily from eateries and the likes at the beaches.

Wrapping up this post, if you happen to be someone who needs 24/7 connection, absolutely get on that Mi-Fi device and purchase a plan abroad. If you happen to be someone who will definitely need WiFi abroad, but not constantly, stick with camping yourself at eateries (you get to enjoy both local food and Internet – what’s a better deal than that?). If you’re a light user, only checking e-mails once a day, you can still get the Brightroam Caribbean SIM + plan which offers a small amount of data available to you. And no matter what type of user you are, ABSOLUTELY STAY AWAY FROM CRUISE INTERNET SERVICES! They will always amount to at least double the price of what you could be paying, so be very wary of them! Hopefully you’ll have found this post comprehensive and helpful to determining your data needs.

The Experiment: Thoughts & tips from travelling


Bermuda: Fine service from St. George to the Royal Naval Dockyard (which is one point from the island to the opposite side!)


Before I heard about Brightroam, it never occurred to me that bringing and using my phone along on vacation was a viable option. Getting messages from my previous cell phone service providers always scared me with their rates (who can really afford to pay $2 per text  message in this age?).

Nowadays travellers going on brief vacations have developed almost a sort of technology-phobia while abroad simply because they know that everything is so much pricier when you’re away.

What’s more surprising is that because of the virtual monopoly that the big telecom providers have over Canadians, few think to look for affordable alternatives. But what I’ve found through travelling is that communication is essential, and always key to emergencies. When we go on vacation, it’s a hassle to really check over phone plans amidst researching for hotels, landmarks and etc., but Brightroam really simplifies the whole process. Capturing a market share in a niche and definitely growing market, I’m here to really spread the news about an innovative service that’ll eventually combat the pre-established norms for roaming and travelling.

After using Brightroam for the first time abroad, I found the whole process insanely simple. I already have an unlocked phone which really helped with the whole process as only unlocked phones work with the Brightroam SIMs. Now I’m not exactly a tech wizard, but after playing with a few settings, I realized that in order for the Caribbean SIM card to work accurately, you need to have your network settings set to either “GSM/WCDMA Auto” or just “GSM.”

I personally didn’t use data on my trip, but if you’re having problems with data, it’s most likely because of your APN settings. In a nutshell, the APN is the gateway between your mobile network and the Internet. Sometimes if not set right, the gate won’t be matched with your network and Internet, thus preventing you from surfing the web. That’s why it’s really important to set these settings beforehand to make sure that you won’t be cut without Internet when travelling. Although it sounds really technical and difficult, you definitely won’t have trouble “Googling” how to change these APN settings for your specific phone and carrier.

While using my phone in Boston (where I stayed for a short 2 days), I realized that my SIM card was automatically switched over to T-Mobile even though I had only planned on using it in Bermuda. What’s great about this is that even though I only bought the Caribbean SIM card, the rates for using T-Mobile were quite similar (so you can bank on them being significantly cheaper than your regular Canadian roaming charges). Brightroam does all the prior work of contracting with these companies to provide these rates to consumers just like me.

As with calling, there is the usual slight delay when dialling your number, but it lasts for no more than a couple seconds and my calls worked perfectly without a problem in both Boston and Bermuda. Text messages worked fine as well in both Boston & Bermuda. I was expecting a difference in quality of services, but as it turns out, there really isn’t a huge difference in quality using Brightroam versus your typical Canadian telecom company. I was connected to Digicel while my father was connected to CellOne. Both telecom providers work on Bermuda and really saved us quite a bit. No one likes not being in touch with their family/friends while travelling in large groups, so having our cellphones on hand and working definitely made life easier.

At the end of the day, my experience with Brightroam in Bermuda (where I was expecting slow service since it’s an Island practically in the middle of the Ocean) was excellent and problem-free. I fiddled with quite a few settings to try and understand my Samsung Galaxy S, but for the most part if your phone is unlocked and set on default settings, you’ll have no problem using any of the Brightroam SIMs. As always though, if you do encounter a problem of some sort, our customer service team is always ready to tackle the problem with you (be it a phone conversation, Facebook message, a tweet or simply a blog comment!).

Stay tuned for an additional post on telecom services in Bermuda for those who are planning on consuming a lot of data while abroad!

The Brightroam Experiment

Brightroam is proud to present our new campaign where we get travellers to personally review our products while on the go.

As an intern at Brightroam, I’ll be embarking on a 7-day vacation cheap cialis online buy cialis 5mg to Boston and Bermuda!

I’ll be giving an honest review about the Brightroam SIM cards and plans along with quick blogs on common misconceptions about using Brightroam that people encounter.

Reading about SIM cards isn’t the most exciting thing, so of course I will also be blogging about my trip to Boston & Bermuda! (Expect lots of pictures of landscapes and food!)

Stay tuned for more blog posts about awesome deals AND my 7-day adventure abroad!


Travelling Cheap and Local!

As much as many of us would love to explore the world be it Europe, Asia or tadalafil lilly 20mg Oceania, it tends to not be possible because of cheap articles writing service money. online canadian pharmacy But travelling isn’t just about the sites and landmarks, it’s ultimately about experiencing something new, something different from your everyday routine. That’s why Brightroam has come up with some travel ideas that are in Canada, for you to enjoy without the hassle of flights and expensive hotels. Although hotels and travel expenses are still there to keep in mind, they definitely can’t compare to how much you’d have to spend on jetting away.

Here’s the list of Brightroam’s picks for travellers looking for a quick and easy vacation.  As typical as these may sound, there’s more to these places than just the name, and you’ll find out why.



Basilicas upon basilicas, in a good way of course. Montreal’s historic architecture is a sight to behold, after all, there has to be a reason why Notre Dame is so well known. What I personally love about this city is the historical setting and not to mention great food and art everywhere. It’s definitely not a great place to take your small children, but if you have teenagers, this is the place. Not to mention that 90 minutes away, you’ll be able to discover the beautiful Laurentian mountains. While you’re at it, the Monteregian hills and Appalachians near Montreal as well. The perfect combination of nature and city life.



We’ve all heard about the falls and the casinos, but have you ever thought about enjoying your stay at a Winery? Niagara’s region is great for wine, and you’ll discover that wineries are absolutely beautiful. The Pelham estate and Peller estate will completely change whatever misconception you have about visiting these luxurious estates. Not to mention the amount of good food and wine you’ll be able to enjoy with your family (if they’re of age) or maybe just your significant other.

If you’re looking for something for the kids, Great Wolf Lodge is always nearby and tons of fun. It’s my family’s go-to place during the holidays, and as old as I may be, I still enjoy my stay every time. The nearby town is also filled with small amusements and sights for you to roam.



I’m sure that no one can resist the temptation of resting in hot springs (even in this weather). Banff offers not only these hot springs, but a marvellous surrounding area filled with shops, eats and art. The Banff area in general is breath taking, especially Lake Louise. Although I haven’t been here personally, it’s definitely on my list of go-to’s with so many recommendations from my friends.



This area is also a common spot for my family vacations. Set in the secluded Bruce County, it’s the perfect get-away for those seeking some solitude, peace and nature in their lives. Bruce Peninsula National Park also happens to be one of the most astounding places I’ve been. I love hiking and taking nature walks, and the park being a peninsula and all had the best of both worlds: lots of vegetation and a fantastic harbour. If you plan on heading here, make sure to check out the Grotto! The experience will make you think, “am I really still in Canada right now?”

The best thing about small towns is how inexpensive everything is. You will have no trouble saving on motel bills here! One of the most shocking things I found when I first came to the area is how cheap theatre tickets are compared to my one and only hometown, Toronto. Ontario’s slogan “Yours to discovery” truly makes sense here.



Vancouver has undoubtably the best food in Canada. Although some of it may be pricey, you don’t want to miss out on any of the eats while you’re here. Toronto is a close second in this regard, but from public opinion, Vancouver is still number one. I can’t think of a better Harbourfront than Vancouver’s seawall. 22km of paved scenic perfection. While you’re there, it’d be a shame to not check out Stanley Park and Queen Elizabeth Park. If you’re looking for some real nature, why not make your way to Vancouver Island to Della Falls!

Della Falls (Canada’s tallest waterfall) is actually quite a mission to get to, but that’s what makes it worthwhile. It’s accessible by helicopter or boat and definitely bound to be a memorable trip.

Stay tuned for a post on the one and only, Toronto!

Oh The Places You SHOULD Go (Before It's Too Late)

As the weather swelters to 30 degrees+ this week in Toronto (not to mention the muggy air and humidity!), it’s clear cheap cialis online that Global Warming is making an impact to our environment. But not only are our cities getting more cloudy, top exotic vacation spots are on the verge of disappearing!

An infographic study from Daily Infographic shows the places that you should plan to visit before it’s too late!

Travelling is usually termed as a ‘tech detox’ but as the digital age continues to gather our attention, it’s near impossible to resist the urge of Social Media, and all things Internet. With the Taj Mahal set to disappear in less than 5 years time, media around the web will be the only remaining thing to capture the landmark.

If you’re planning or starting to think about travelling to these places before it’s too late, remember that your trip doesn’t have to be devoid of technology. Brightroam offers coverage in quite a few of the places listed below with much more reasonable rates than your telecom moguls.

When you’re travelling to different continents, it’s all about cutting costs and saving every penny, so look into Brightroam’s products/plans and Happy Travelling.

(Also, it’d be a great idea to reduce your carbon foot print to keep these beautiful places alive longer!)

From Daily Infographic

From Daily Infographic


The Biggest Expense Travellers Pay For (Besides Credit Card Bills)

Save on roaming while traveling in Australia

About a month ago, I packed my bags and set off on my summer vacation to Australia. Aside from the gorgeous sightseeing, awesome shopping and the great time I had, I also managed to save big time on my phone bill! It was a total win-win…win? I’m no stranger to that all to familiar story of a friend or family member going on vacation and coming back to a phone bill stretching over hundreds of dollars. And I can thankfully say I wasn’t another one of the victims thanks to a little help from Brightroam.

Since I was taking my phone (Galaxy S4, carrier locked) I considered adding an international/roaming plan to my existing plan with Bell. Before I got the chance to call, my best friend came over to help me pack and enlightened me upon the awesome deal her parents managed to find. She said at first her parents were going to do the same thing as me with the whole add-on plan, but then they did some shopping around and stumbled across an organization called Brightroam. Turns out Brightroam is quite infamous for their low, and I mean LOW, travel phone rates to US, UK, Europe, Australia, Mexico, Caribbean, India and many more countries. It seemed promising so they decided to give it a shot.

When they got to the Terminal 3 departures lounge at Pearson International Airport they stopped by the kiosk and picked up a SIM card, saving themselves a lot of hassle and money. So I took her and her parents’ advice and stopped by the kiosk after security check to see what they had in-store and boy was I glad I did! Turns out everyone was right. With the Brightroam SIM plans, I got myself:

- free incoming calls and texts (Brightroam rates: outgoing calls – $0.35/min, outgoing texts – $0.30/text; Bell rates: outgoing calls – $2.00/min and $0.75/text)

- a bucket load of savings on a data plan! ($34.95/month for 1GB of data which is roughly 75% savings)

- no roaming data charges (that many people would otherwise be charged hundreds of $$$s for by their service provider if they don’t opt for an add-on)

- 90 days of activation (with the option to extend the activation as needed)

- no commitments/contracts… a simple pay-per-use international SIM card with a free local number included

I was also able to snag a compatible international phone since mine was locked. With everything said and done, I ended up spending roughly $250 on the phone + SIM. usage  Of course the next month I would only pay for my usage which wound up to be around $50/month for my usage (talk/text and data)! … And of course not everyone sees that number as a huge bundle of savings, but there are more cost effective deals that can fit everyone’s needs.

All-in-all, my experience with Brightroam was entirely positive. The salesperson was very informative and helpful, the service was great and I was able to use it the very next day (major advantage of getting your services at the airport is on-site activation). And of course, it goes without saying that the next time I travel, I am definitely paying Brightroam a visit before I board! So, don’t get ripped off and pay extra! Be wise and make the right decisions when it comes to your hard-earned money! Try Brightroam (and compare any rates in case of doubt) if you’re looking to save. Think of it this way, the more money you save on your phone bill, the more spending money you have on your vacation! Go ahead and buy that cute dress you saw at that store or indulge in a few extra drinks at the bar because you can! Savings are good aren’t they?

And so, to all my fellow travellers around the world, Bon Voyage on your next trip, and remember, less is more!

6 Best (and Free!) iPhone Travel Apps

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6 Best (and FREE) iPhone Travel Apps

One of the downsides of traveling is that it involves a lot of planning, organizing and energy. From a month before you leave to even during your vacation, many of us are booking hotels, double checking for flight delays, packing, planning itineraries and the list goes on and on…Instead of listing 10 or 20 essential travel apps, we cut the list down to just 6 apps that can help you save time and effort while traveling.

1. TripIt

This app syncs with your emails so that email confirmations from hotel reservations, concerts, restaurants and cruises can be automatically organized into a personal itinerary.

2. Photosynth

Have you ever ran out of space to step back in order to take a full picture of your favorite landmark? Photosynth allows you to take 360-degree photos so you don’t have to struggle in order to get that perfect shot.

3. EveryTrail

For the outdoor travelers – search for the nearest trail around you and never get lost (it coordinates with the phone’s GPS)!

4. World Travelpedia or UrbanSpoon

World Travelpedia searches for the nearest restaurants and shopping spots all around the world. If you are in Australia, U.K., U.S. or Canada, UrbanSpoon is also a popular app that picks a restaurant for you when you shake your iPhone.

5. Flashlight and Compass Apps

Some of the best apps are already installed on your phone! The compass is great for finding your directions on a confusing foreign street (and it doesn’t even require data!). Whether it is used for searching the ground for something you just dropped at night or camping overnight, the flashlight also comes in handy while traveling.

6. XE Currency

Up to date currency rates, you can save the last updated rates so they can be accessed offline while at a local store. Ever wondered if a souvenir is worth the money by trying to convert it into American currency? This app is definitely a must if you are planning to do a lot of shopping.

5 Reasons Why the iPhone Should be a Part of Your Packing List

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5 Reasons Why the iPhone Should be a Part of Your Packing List.

Everyone has different essential items for their vacation but there should be one common denominator on everyone’s lists – the iPhone. Here’s why:

1. GPS

While traveling, transportation can be very time consuming and it can even lessen the time you wish to spend at your destination. This is where the Maps App comes in – with the phone’s GPS, you can definitely save time by knowing where you are at all times.

2. Camera

One of the headaches of traveling is packing, specifically over packing. However, the iPhone has so many functionalities, it can help you save a lot of room in your luggage for souvenirs. For example, you can leave your camera at home because the one on the newest iPhone has 8 megapixels. You can even instantly post your photos to Facebook or edit them with Instagram. The built-in GSP in the iPhone means you can also leave your portable GPS at home!

3. Apps, Apps and More Apps!

The countless apps from the App Store can help you relieve a couple of hours of boredom while on the plane. The increasing number of airplanes with Wi-Fi also means you can check Facebook, your e-mail and browse the Internet while in flight.

4. Cheap hotels, flights, restaurants, car rentals.

You can also find the lowest rates for hotels, flights, restaurants and car rentals with apps such as Kayak and Urbanspoon. Urbanspoon also displays customer reviews of restaurants, price ranges so you know what to expect at the newest spot in town.

5. Camping essentials

If you are camping or hiking, useful apps such as the Flashlight and the Compass can also save space in your camping backpack. The flashlight is chunky and takes up a lot of batteries. If you are camping for a few days and are afraid of your phone running out of batteries, remember to put it on airplane mode and turn off data fetching/Wi-Fi to save battery.

7 Free Places To Go To In Europe

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7 Free Places To Go To In Europe

Traveling can be expensive, especially in Europe. With the high cost of hotels and food, it is hard to stay under your budget. Luckily for those who want to stay connected in Europe, our Europe SIM is currently free until August 31.

Oslo, Norway

Make your way to the Frognerparken (Frogner Park) where you can explore over 200 sculptures of Gustav Vigeland. The sculptures are known to be unique and bizarre, make sure you get a picture of each statue!

Paris, France

If you go to Paris at the right times, you can get into Le Louvre for free. Once the residence of many French kings, Le Louvre now holds the famous Mona Lisa painting (La Jaconde). The museum is free on Friday from 6pm to 9:45pm for those under 26 and free on the first Sunday of each month and July 14 (French National Day) for all visitors.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

For all the music fans, the famous Concertgebouw Concert Hall in Amsterdam offers free lunchtime shows on Wednesdays starting at 12:30pm (September to June). Concertgebouw stands as the second most popular concert hall in the world with almost one million spectators each year.

Vatican City, Rome

If you are lucky enough to be in Vatican City on the last Sunday of the month, you can tour the Vatican Museums for free from 9am to 12:30pm. Here is where you can find some of the best works by Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci.

Venice, Italy

The Piazza San Marco (St. Mark’s Square) has been the heart of the city for as long as history can tell. You can listen to string quartets, duets and orchestras as you enjoy the sight of the famous Basilica.

Paris, France

Re-live Victor Hugo’s Hunchback of Notre Dame visiting Notre Dame Cathedral free of charge. Choirs normally sing at 8am and 9am so make sure you grab an early breakfast.

Norway, Scandinavia

To catch a glimpse of the northern lights are on the bucket list of many travelers. The key is to be patient and know when to go. Tours can be expensive and can’t guarantee a sight of these mysterious lights. Plus, if you do your own research and stay in the area for a few weeks, your eventual discovery of the northern lights can be extremely rewarding. Northern lights usually appear during late autumn to early spring but the weather also plays a huge role. Some things to keep in mind are: visit during the night and visit when it is not snowing. Good luck with your sighting!

Top 6 Places You Can’t Miss While Traveling in Europe

It’s vacation season and why not add Europe to your destination list? Tourists can explore Greece’s original Olympic site (taking back to 700 BC), be serenaded down the Grand Canal in Italy, and go up the Eiffel Tower in France…all using the same currency!

  1. Le Louvre, France

    Le Louvre has been standing for almost 1000 years and was surprisingly first built as a fortress. Later, it was inhabited by many French rulers such as Louis XIV (Le Roi de Soleil or The Sun King).
  2. Olympia, Greece

    With all the excitement for the London 2012 Games this year, it would be interesting to see where the games began.
  3. Colosseum, Italy

    Another ancient structure, the Colosseum has been standing for almost 2000 years and symbolizes the imperial Rome of gladiators, spectacles and myths.
  4. Swiss Alps, Switzerland

    Chocolates are carry the symbol of it, watches and drinks are named after it, it almost subconsciously symbolizes durability and strength.
  5. Cheese Festival, Spain

    Taking place in May 2013, Trujillo is hosting the National Spanish Cheese Festival. This is when tourists can try hundreds of cheeses with wine, prosciutto and in tapas bars (perfect for chatting with some locals over appetizers and Spanish snacks).
  6. Museum Island, Germany

    A total of five museums on this island, Neues, Alte, Pergamon, Altes and Bode, Museum Island is definitely on the top of the list for many travelers. With centuries of history, the intricate architectural designs will blow you away.