Brightroam featured on Yahoo!

Described as the “unsung hero of the wireless business”, SIM cards have increasingly become part of every traveler’s mobile solution, saving them money and time while they’re away.

Recently, Brightroam was featured on Yahoo! Finance, where Marketing Director Doug Johnson spoke about the benefits of using one of our SIM cards while you travel.

“We have all heard roaming charge horror stories, or even worse arrived home to a mobile bill hundreds of dollars higher than expected,” he says. “Once a SIM card is tucked into your phone, it’s out of sight and out of mind.”

Brightroam can save you up to 65% when you use our International SIM card, and even more (up to 97%, in fact) when using country-specific cards like our Mexico SIM. More good news comes with the fact that our services are post-paid (unlike most other SIM card services), meaning you only pay for the time you’ve used.

Peace of mind comes at a small cost at Brightroam – check out our website to learn more & start saving!

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