Oh The Places You SHOULD Go (Before It's Too Late)

As the weather swelters to 30 degrees+ this week in Toronto (not to mention the muggy air and humidity!), it’s clear cheap cialis online that Global Warming is making an impact to our environment. But not only are our cities getting more cloudy, top exotic vacation spots are on the verge of disappearing!

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An infographic study from Daily Infographic shows the places that you should plan to visit before it’s too late!

Travelling is usually termed as a ‘tech detox’ but as the digital age continues to gather our attention, it’s near impossible to resist the urge of Social Media, and all things Internet. With the Taj Mahal set to disappear in less than 5 years time, media around the web will be the only remaining thing to capture the landmark.


If you’re planning or starting to think about travelling to these places before it’s too late, remember that your trip doesn’t have to be devoid of technology. Brightroam offers coverage in quite a few of the places listed below with much more reasonable rates than your telecom moguls.

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When you’re travelling to different continents, it’s all about cutting costs and saving every penny, so look into Brightroam’s products/plans and Happy Travelling.

(Also, it’d be a great idea to reduce your carbon foot print to keep these beautiful places alive longer!)

From Daily Infographic

From Daily Infographic


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