The Experiment: Accessing Internet in Bermuda

Royal Naval Dockyard

You can even access Wifi from the tip of Bermuda!

While I personally opted to not use ANY data while on my trip, I was definitely tempted to think of ways to access it. I’m used to free WiFi being available in Canada, but that’s not the case in Bermuda.

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What is interesting though, is that since the Island itself is a mere 20 square miles, which means the whole Island itself is a hotspot. You can access WiFi essentially anywhere on the Island, provided you pay the price of the plan of course.

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The one good thing about being data-deprived is that I was constantly paying attention to the data/WiFi offerings around the Island. As tourists crowded the areas, it was easy to spot out the WiFi locations with good offerings (people literally sat on the grass with their laptops to access the WiFi and stayed for long hours at a time – no picture available for this unfortunately, but it was a sight to behold). If you happen to be that person who has a lot of work to accomplish while on “vacation” then you’re probably going to be scouting out these WiFi places yourself.

Although Brightroam offers amazing deals on data plans with Mi-Fi devices, these services aren’t offered in Bermuda just yet! For those who aren’t familiar with Mi-Fi devices, they are essentially portable routers that you can slip your SIM card into to access Data services. Since your SIM card is inserted, all the data charges are essentially to your phone plan. You might be wondering, why use these at all when you can use access your phone’s data services and create a hotspot? The difference is in capability. Mi-Fi devices have the capacity to connect multiple devices without crashing and provide a secure stream for your usage. Additionally, since they are portable routers after all, you can bet that your internet speed will be slightly higher than using your mobile hotspot.

That being said, purchasing a Mi-Fi device will still prove to be extremely useful for the average working adult while on vacation. Brightroam does offer these devices, so you check them out on our site. As for the data plan that comes along, since we don’t offer a Caribbean package, I’d suggest purchasing a local plan from one of the two retailers “CELLONE” or “DIGICEL.”¬†As previously mentioned, both CellOne and Digicel offer basically the same rates, the difference is in your usage. Both offer packages for pre-paid use whether you want to focus on a voice plan or data plan is up to you.

If you’re staying in the more metropolitan areas such as Royal Naval Dockyard, Hamilton or St. George, you may not need to purchase a plan from CellOne or Digicel at all. The reason is that most restaurants and cafes do offer Free WiFi – with the catch of a prior purchase of course. Some of these eateries simply demand a small purchase while others demand a minimum of $10. Regardless, utilizing these eateries is a way better plan for accessing Internet then purchasing a costly plan. It was the norm seeing people camped out on tables with their laptops, whether it was a cafe or even at a local beach park.

Horseshoe Bay

On a sidenote, if this is what a Bermuda beach looks like during a rain storm, imagine how beautiful this place would be in the sun!

If you’re planning on staying connected 24/7 while in Bermuda though, then it may be more efficient to purchase a Mi-Fi device and plan. This is because you obviously can’t access WiFi very easily from eateries and the likes at the beaches.

Wrapping up this post, if you happen to be someone who needs 24/7 connection, absolutely get on that Mi-Fi device and purchase a plan abroad. If you happen to be someone who will definitely need WiFi abroad, but not constantly, stick with camping yourself at eateries (you get to enjoy both local food and Internet – what’s a better deal than that?). If you’re a light user, only checking e-mails once a day, you can still get the Brightroam Caribbean SIM + plan which offers a small amount of data available to you. And no matter what type of user you are, ABSOLUTELY STAY AWAY FROM CRUISE INTERNET SERVICES! They will always amount to at least double the price of what you could be paying, so be very wary of them! Hopefully you’ll have found this post comprehensive and helpful to determining your data needs.

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