What tech gadgets are in your suitcase?

There are some pretty amazing things that you can pack in your suitcase when you travel. My husband swears by his inflatable neck rest, it might be nothing more than a moon-shaped balloon that he puts under his neck while sleeping on a plane but for someone who does a lot of red eyes €“it’s indispensable. My father swears by his electric shaver, it’€™s fast, it’s simple and you can get a quick shave anywhere you happen to wake up. Each of us have something that makes travel more comfortable and convenient but in the world of gadgets and computer dependencies, there are certain tech tools we simply cannot travel without.

When I think about tech gadgets, I think about types of travel. There are three types that come to mind:

Friends / Family Visits: When I planned a weekend in North Carolina to visit some old high school friends, my gadget packing was focused on entertainment and sharing. I packed my iPod and my iTrip FM transmitter from Griffen so I could play music through the stereo. I uploaded all my favorite photos to a USB memory key so I could share them on the hosts PC. Also remember to pack your digital camera plus the charger!

Adventure: When I traveled to Central America, my entire gadget planning was focused on indestructible, waterproof devices. I looked into tough cell phone cases like the ones made by Pelican to ensure my phone would stay dry. I purchased a mesh suitcase cover by Pacsafe so that my knapsack could be left in the room or tied to a tree and not be stolen. I even spent time considering all of the crazy cooling gadgets to battle the humid weather like cooling hats, wrist fans, sweat proof socks -€“ you name it.

Business: Business travel may not be the most important travel you will do but it does require a lot of gadgets and devices. Items I never leave at home include a good pair of noise canceling headphones, they are good for planes, trains and even loud hotel rooms. Plug adapters that cover the globe are always in my bag along with a USB key that has copies of all of my important travel information, passport, credit card numbers etc so that if disaster occurs I have everything I need in my pocket. For business travelers who are heading overseas, try an International Cell phone like the ones offered by Brightroam so you don€’t pay a fortune in roaming charges.

The important thing to remember is whatever is important to you at home will still be important to you on the road. Be it a good shave, relaxing music, classic movies or instant access to family photos – if it’s a priority at home, it will be on the road.

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