Send meaningful postcards

Postcards aren’t big enough for long winded individuals like myself and are frustrating for unenthusiastic writers, but people still love to receive them. They are a stunning portrayal of a land far away where the recipient can take a moment to reflect on something far from normalcy. Simply put, it’s a nice break from another bill or advertisement in your mailbox.

Here are some tips on how to have an enjoyable postcard experience from purchasing to writing:

Purchase – Where to purchase postcards completely depends on your own style and taste. You can be a bargain shopper and find your postcards in a local convenience store, there is likely to be a good variety but not necessarily great style. Hotel gift shops typically have a good selection of cards and its a short jaunt from your hotel room. However they are likely the same ones that are at the convenience store at twice the price. I like to pick up postcards at places that I visit so that when I write about how stunning the Eiffel Tower is, I can say that I bought the card at the base.

What to say – A simple “Wish you were here” is a tried and true greeting. It says everything it needs to – I was here, I was thinking of you, and so I sent this card. However, I think it’s even better if you can take a moment to say why you wish that person was there. Perhaps it’s because you know they would have loved the food you ate last night, or the architecture in the Forbidden City, the lights of Paris etc.. Taking an extra sentence to personalize something you have experienced that they would appreciate. It adds an extra sentiment.

Conversation Starters – Another way to make a postcard last, mention something you did or are planning to do. It will open the postcard up for discussion so that next time you see that person, they can ask how the Louvre was, or whether or not you made it to the Taj Mahal as planned.

Addressing – True planners print out address labels ahead of time. It works well if you have 50 to send. I like to hand write the address on the spot just because it makes it look more spontaneous and I rarely send that many postcards at once. Also, plan to purchase stamps when you purchase the cards and stick them on right away. That way you won’t lose them and you’ll be more willing to take the time to write , after all, they’re already stamped!

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