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About Us:

Welcome to Brightroam! We are the top online source for telecommunication products that allow you to save on talk, text and data, no matter where in the world your travels take you. We have hundreds of different options that make staying in touch with family and coworkers easier and more affordable than ever before. It’s our goal to help you save 50-90% on your mobile communication bills with the latest world phones and International SIM cards on the market.

There are hundreds of stories from friends and coworkers who racked up exorbitant phone bills while they were away, often completely unaware of how much financial damage they were doing. The most frustrating part is that they still paid for ‘out of town’ bundles that were supposed to save them money and eliminate these unnecessary fees! The bottom line is that your home based, mobile phone service provider is still going to tag you with out of town roaming and access fees whenever your phone is used in a foreign country. Between checking emails, phone calls, text messages and data consumption, you better make sure you have a good plan to stay affordably in touch and in the loop. Whether your travels are for work or pleasure, you don’t want to miss an opportunity by not being reachable!

The best way to stay in contact is with our international telecommunication products. Firstly, your mobile device will operate on a local connection in every country you visit. That means you get the lowest local rates available on talk, text and data, and all the benefits and options you expect from a home based monthly serve provider. Some of these benefits include free incoming text messages and flexible add-on options should you end going over your limits.

Secondly, because you are always utilizing a local connection, conversations are crystal clear and web browsing is lightning fast. We all know how important a reliable phone is when you have a hectic travel schedule in a foreign country. Business trips are fast and furious, and you can’t afford to fly half way around the world and not be in touch with clients when you get there. With some planning and a visit to our website, your business can save hundreds by utilizing the best available rates for your employees’ communication needs.

Here at you will find the latest Global SIM cards, Europe SIM cards and country specific cards all at amazing prices. No matter which SIM card or world phone you use, one of the best features of our products is the ease at which you can call potential clients and connect to the Internet. With our plans and pre-paid options, you get a single number and you can use your phone just like you would at home. Just pick it up and dial! No long codes to enter every time you make a call, and you can even get calls from your home number forwarded to your international number. If you already have an unlocked GSM cell phone, then simply grab an International SIM card and get all the same amazing benefits, on your own phone. With all the amazing language translation apps and GPS map programs, having an Internet ready phone can literally make or break your trip in a foreign country, and we want to make sure you stay in touch as affordably as possible.