Winter’s coming, watch the weather

People are simply obsessed with weather because they want to know it’s always worse somewhere else. For those of us of us who travel in winter, we pay attention to the weather so we know what to expect when we deplane. With winter conditions around the corner, here are some ways to keep track of weather conditions around the world.

Know the weather of your destination

When you make assumptions about the weather it always seem to be the time you get caught in a rainstorm. Checking the weather of your destination before travel is a great way to pack your bags appropriately and prepare for any possible flight delays. The Weather Network in Canada offers detailed forecasts across Canada but also to many popular destinations . Check out the airport forecasts links for information on any airport delays due to weather.

Other good places to look for weather updates:

Weather at your fingertips

If the changing weather is very important to you, why not arrange updates right on your cell phone? Here are several companies that offer weather updates for your cell phone:

2 Responses to Winter’s coming, watch the weather

  1. karl panini says:

    If i travel overseas and use a brightroam sim card can i still get the weather update on travel delays to my cellular as mentioned in this article? Thank you

  2. Vagabond Poet says:

    From what I gather, Google SMS is currently available in Canada, Germany, Japan, Spain, and the US. They are hoping to open it up more soon.
    However, if you do a typical search on Google for the airline such as AC for Air Canada or AA for American Airlines and the flight number, (like AC 192) the first search result that appears will show the flight status. Pretty cool. This might work from any location….

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