Credit Card and Travel

There are many things you plan ahead of time before taking a trip and your credit card should be no exception. Most likely you depend on your credit card for many things while traveling and it’s a HUGE hassle if you are suddenly unable to use it. Here are some credit card scenarios you can avoid ahead of time with a little planning:

Credit card phone number

Typically when you need to call your credit card company you either pull an old statement out of the drawer or look on the back of your card. What if you are traveling and your card is stolen? Sound silly but you have no idea how often this happens! Add to your long list of contact names and numbers the number of your credit card company and your card number. Tip: Make sure it’s not a 1800 number that only works in North America.

Call ahead of time

If you travel a lot this probably has never happened to you. However, if you are traveling overseas for the first time in say a year, your credit card company may notice. They keep tabs on your activity and if all of a sudden you are charging hundreds of dollars at a hotel in Bangkok, they will put a hold on your card and try to contact you. If you are in Bangkok, they may not find you and your card will cease to work until you get back to them. It may seem annoying but they are looking out for your best interest – what if you card is in Thailand and you aren’t? Your credit card company encourages you to call ahead of time and tell them when your travel patterns change. If for some reason you forget and your card stops working – read above – credit card phone number!

You don’t take Discover?

Some countries don’t use smaller credit card companies. Find out where you card is accepted before you’re stuck.

Currency conversion fees

Your credit card company will charge currency conversion fees! If you happen to have more than one card, look to see which company offers the best conversion rates for where you are traveling, it could make a big difference in the long run. If you only have one card, take the time to check the rates, it might make more sense to use cash for small purchases.

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