Best shopping airports

When I was a kid my father traveled a lot and somehow managed to bring something back for my brother and me each time. How could I forget my collection of plastic airplanes, snow globes and key chains? Twenty years later the days of kitschy souvenirs are pretty much over. With Coach, Body Shop, GAP, Bvlgari, Sunglass Hut, Emporio Armani, Mont Blanc, Nike, Herralds etc scattered across the world’s airport terminals why would anyone buy a key chain again?

London Heathrow

The most impressive shopping I have seen in my travels is London Heathrow. Heathrow is a terrible airport to visit with its delayed flights, long security lines and flooding hallways however they have one of the best food courts and shopping arcades in the world.
Check out the shopping arcade.

Singapore Changi Airport

Unlike Heathrow, Changi Airport is actually a lovely place to layover and waste time. The “Shopping City” offers over 160 eclectic shops and 80 restaurants. Traveling to Singapore is amazing in the first place, being pampered at the airport – now we’re really talking.
See what’s in the Changi Shopping City.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

I must admit I have never been to Amsterdam but I have heard lots of great things about Schiphol Plaza. Apparently not only does it have great shopping but also a casino!
Check out Schiphol Airport.

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