Get spicy with your travels

We travel for many reasons but one thing we always do when we leave home is discover new things. Something we have all experienced especially when traveling overseas is foreign and unique foods. I’m a bit of a foodie so traveling to exotic places is a thrill for me and my palette. Others aren’t so adventurous and food is the most daunting part of traveling.

I have discovered that the most basic way to learn about foreign tastes is to introduce spices from around the world. Add paprika to discover Hungary; add Cumin or Coriander for a hint of India; try sesame oil to see China or Cilantro for Thailand. If you can moderately incorporate spices and flavors into your diet before traveling then you are less likely to reject foreign foods.

Some steps for preparing yourself for new tastes:

1. Learn about the dishes ahead of time. Know what you will typically be eating so you aren’t in shock when you are served a plate of raw beef.

2. Taste some of the foods you read about. If you have a restaurant in your town that serves that cuisine, check it out.
3. If not, do some research and find out what spices are used in the cooking. Buy the spice and try it out for yourself. Incorporate the flavors into your typical cooking so your palette is used to it. Green beans can go Indian. Steak – Mexican. Give your chicken a French flair. 4. If you are really feeling adventurous, go online to a recipe website such as Epicurious or Recipe Zaar and try one of the country’s traditional dishes.

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