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How It Works

Brightroam International SIM cards save you 50-90% on cellular roaming fees.

In order to obtain the best price on the talk, text and data you need to answer three simple questions:
  1. Where are you traveling?
  2. Will your phone, tablet or data stick work there?
  3. Do you need a data plan?

This short video will show you how to answer those questions, and quickly determine which SIM card is best for you. It will also determine which options - if any - you need.

After watching the video, you can click on the button to find the best SIM for you, read our FAQs below, or contact our customer service who will be happy to answer your questions.

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Key Questions

How much will I save?

You will save 50-90% on talk, text and data.

Where does it work?

Brightroam provides coverage in over 200 countries.

Will it work with my cell phone?

Brightroam international SIM cards work with any unlocked GSM cell phone.

How quickly can I get a Brightroam SIM Card?

Standard ground shipping is $15 and takes 5-7 business day. 2 business day and next day shipping is available. After placing your order, you will be able to select your shipping option when checking out.

How am I billed?

When your order ships you will be billed for your SIM card, delivery and any options that you have selected.

The following month you will receive a detailed account statement showing all of your calls and you will be billed for your usage on your credit card.



  • No commitments. No contracts.
  • No complicated dialing patterns, dial the number and you are connected instantly.
  • Forward your North American cell phone number.
  • Use the texting and data features you love, when you travel. Text friends back home. Check your email. Update your Facebook status. You can even order a data plan; upload photos, download documents and surf the net.

Cost Effective

  • Save 50-90% on talk, text and data.
  • Each SIM card gives you a FREE number outside North America.
  • FREE incoming calls with most Brightroam international SIM cards.
  • Data plans - which are available on most Brightroam SIM cards - make it possible for you to use your iPhone, iPad, Smartphone or tablet the way you do at home. With our largest data plans you can even watch YouTube and download work files.


  • You choose the SIM card, voice options and data plan that is best for you.
  • Extend the service as long as you like. (i.e. You can keep your travel number active for as long as you like: a great feature for business people. For example, if you frequently travel to the UK, you can have business cards printed with your UK number.)