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Brightroam Reviews and Customer Testimonials

“I've purchased a French cell phone bundle for my daughter for her summer-abroad studies in France. She is in Belgium for a long weekend. It's been great, Brightroam is awesome. We will use your service again in the future and recommend it to our friends.”

Jesse Noble Zachary, LA

“Really well done site. Easy to purchase. Arrived next day. Would recommend to all my friends.”

Greg Petkovich Toronto, ON

“I want to express to you my satisfaction with your service during our recent trip. The Brightroam system really is the best and certainly most convenient of all the alternatives I researched. Your monthly billing without prepaid and preset limits is very convenient. I have just extended my service to cover our next trip.”

G. Rosebery Ontario, Canada

“My partner and I have switched to your service from pre-paid SIM cards. We pre-order, they arrive on time and it's less hassle when we're in-country. Amazing service that saves us money.”

Steve Connolly New York, NY

“I have used pre-paid SIMs in the UK before and run out of money at the most inconvenient time. I was not able to make a call to meet someone because I needed to top off my account. The number I needed to call to top off was not readily available and as a result I missed the meeting. With your product I am not worried about a remaining balance, and the rates are competitive.”

John Roska Sheboygan Falls, WI

“I work as an audio technician for a rock band - I need to remain in touch with business and friends back home - and more particularly have a number that they can reach me at. Tired of paying through the nose prices, so Brightroam is a good solution for me.”

Dennis Smith Venice, CA

“Brightroam has been really excellent. We bought 2 phones, 2 French SIMs, got them on time, they worked perfectly in Paris, and we've been able to keep in touch. Very reasonable prices and the service was very good.”

Paul Meyerson Staten Island, NY

“I searched out international SIM card solutions and Brightroam was cost effective. I like forwarding my US number because international calls can be intimidating for people who don't travel. Brightroam's service worked great. It was also nice to have my own 'local' number that I could give out to my Parisian contacts. The previous time I was in France, I took a GSM phone that would roam, but I apparently did not have the right account privileges to actually use it. That was quite frustrating. I would also like to compliment Brightroam's customer service. They were very helpful.”

Barrington Daltrey Riverside, CA

“When I stepped off the plane in Beijing I called my wife in California to let her know I had arrived. She said the call sounded like I was next door. I used the service for local and international calls during my stay in China without a problem. This is a great service.”

Richard Zunkel San Jose, CA

“My sister is a missionary in Indonesia, and our first visit to her resulted in using a payphone in the airport when we found our phones didn't work in Singapore or Jakarta. Now with Brightroam World, the phone works everywhere, and with very competitive rates.”

Phil Calhoun, Statesville, NC

“I bought a Brightroam SIM card for studying abroad in Europe. It's a cost-efficient way to keep in touch and have just in case.”

Kevin Brown Worcester, MA

“I travel to Europe for business 6 - 10 times per year, but my US cellular carrier (Sprint / CDMA) does not support GSM. After searching and researching all of the global SIM-based solutions I could find, Brightroam had the best combination of features and price.”

Carlos Nunez Concord, NC

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