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About Brightroam

Brightroam is a leading provider of international talk, text and data roaming plans. Offering International SIM cards, unlocked mobile devices and mobile hotspot rentals, Brightroam is committed to providing travellers with affordable and reliable Internet access no matter where in the world their travels take them.  

International SIM Cards

Brightroam SIM cards work with any unlocked mobile phone or Mi-Fi device. Getting started is easy! Simply replace the SIM card you currently use from your service provider with a SIM card from Brightroam and you’re done!

International Data Plans

It’s easy to get Wi-Fi connectivity on the go with a data plan from Brightroam. Plans can easily be added to one of our SIM cards and instantly you’re connected in the destination of your choice.  Add a data plan and pay up to 80% less than traditional carriers. Available for World, Europe, U.K., Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and U.S SIMs.

International Unlocked Devices

Without an unlocked phone or Mi-fi device you are locked in with your carrier's rates and plans. But with an unlocked device from Brightroam you can benefit from the savings we offer with any one of our International SIM cards and data plans. Choose from a variety of unlocked devices including talk and text phones, quadband world phones, mobile routers (Mi-Fi's), and data sticks. 

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